Thursday, August 25, 2005

Our Cycling roots...

K. Daum

Do you know why you ride, take chances blazing down the single track or soaking in the scenery on a long road ride? It hit me this evening, nearly two weeks after returning from the Leadville 100 - I finally figured out where I obtained my obession and madness for cycling and the journey known as the ride. The R.I.D.E. gene comes from within my family. It appears I obtained the vital R & I genes from my grandfather, William and D & E genes from my mother and father - thus creating the near perfect R-I-D-E gene.

I was presented with the following article this summer, taken from a Mansfield newspaper 60+ years ago. My grandfather, Willam Daum age 14, his brother Jack age 16, and Cousin Richard age 18 traveled 997 miles from Mansfield, Ohio to Washington DC and back. On SINGLE SPEEDS!!! Carring their water in Canteens and the total trip only cost them $15.00 each! They slept in barns and jails for free. I spoke to my Grandfather and uncle Jack a couple months ago and the story was astonishing. I'll reflect on that conversation in the near future. Until then, click on the photo below to read the article, you should be able to enlarge the photo twice to view. Enjoy.

The Daum clan spinning on classic single speed bikes, 997 miles from Ohio to Washington DC and back - 60+ years ago!


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