Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Where have I been?

Took a season off, I mean way off...the bike that is. A huge vacation from cycling is what I'm calling it. 2006 was tough, but let me spend valuable time home with my new family, adjust to fatherhood, and take a break from overtraining! I think I finally drove my wife nuts and she forced me back on the bike to regain "our" sanity...She knows what makes me happy. I did do one long ass interesting ride in 2006. The RAIN ride...Ride Across Indiana...160 miles in 90 degrees heat...heres an except from that experience -

I knew i was pushing my limits when I signed up for this thing, this was my year off from cycling...right? I remember telling Connie, this might go down as one of the dumbest things I've done in a long time due do my conditioning, but had to do it when I heard you'all doing it.

I can't believe how strong you all are riding this year. Ken is going to cruise in under 9 hours at Leadville, I'd even give him two flat tires and he'd still make it under 9 hours. Ray and Juan are kicking ass also. A great group to ride with!

I tell you what, at mile 120 or whatever it was...I’m super glad I listened to my body and did not try to stay with you guys. I knew it wasn’t a matter of just riding through it, I was close to crossing the line of hurt into noman's land. What gave that away, the suttle hints…my dry-salty white arms, nausea, chills, swollen fingers and unable to digest the Hammer products. The only thing confusing me at the time, I still felt I had the leg strength, but I was slowing due to…unconsciousness? Yep, thinking those where good signs of the impending danger ahead!

I was able to dismiss our old train of thought where if you stop, you stiffen up and your done. For some reason that did not apply? I stopped and you all went on, left at a gas station in the middle of some small Indiana town. Once I slammed the 16oz of coke, then 16oz of clean, cold water I started to see straight again! I went back into the gas station and bought two more bottles of ice cold water and dumped all my Hammer nutrition stuff. (20 minute total break) I then got back on the bike and drank one of those bottles of water within the next two miles before the final rest stop. I sat down in the shade at the aid station for another 5 minutes, when I heard it was only 29 miles to the finish and you guys would be coming my way to pick my sorry excuse for a cyclist up I knew I had to give it shot. Once I got back on the bike I regained my strength and rode the entire way to the finish solo, thinking damn, sure would be nice to be swapping positions in a pace line. All in all - that stop at the gas station might have saved me a trip in the ambulance because you are in the middle of nowhere half that ride! Even after a serious bonk...I finished 73rd out of 883 finishers, it took me 8 hours, 32 minutes to ride 160 miles across Indiana in 90 degrees of pure sunshine and no shade. Huge lesson learned...know when to hold em, know when to fold em...and live to ride another day!

Thanks for pulling the ride together! it was a good time...never thought I'd cross Indiana 4 times in 24 hours!

RAIN Ride Link

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