Saturday, February 17, 2007

12 Hours of Razorback - 6hr version

USA Cycling National Ultra Endurance Race #1

A review of the Razorback race in Reddick, Florida.

Held off the pressure to do the 12 hour race and opted for the 6 hour version, seeing this was my first race in 18 months and the fact I had to fly home at 8:00am the next day made this an easy decision. The race started 1/2 hour late due to a ton of late arrivals, we all lined up for the longest f-ing run I've ever done in cycling shoes...1/2 - 3/4 mile or more? I must have had a flashing yellow sign posted on me that exclaimed "Please fall right in front of me" Before we even hit the single track I had two racers fall and then a huge pile up as we entered the single track... it was near 10 racers falling over the simplest and goofiest shit and parking their ass in the middle of the trail during the race. I was feeling good, despite the expected continuous lower back pain and hand numbness of the first mtbr race of the season. Only had one small incident, I took an inside line on a banked turn to pass a slower rider, in doing so, my left vest sleeve caught a trimmed tree branch and tried to rip me from my bike, but I remained clipped in the pedals and instead swung my ass around the tree trunk, hanging from my vest in the air. Looking back at it, it was funny, but dang that branch ripped into my arm. Lesson learned when building new trail...cut all branches to the trunk! Anyway... on the 5th lap I think I was holding 7th or 8th place when I noticed super low air pressure in my rear wheel. Luckily I was within a mile of our campsite/pitrow so I rode the flat back. Can't figure out what happen, must have knocked the bead out of the tubeless and burbed a ton of air? ...threw a tube in and went on my way. I ended up finishing 10th out of 76 solo 6 hour racers. I missed the cut off (5 1/2 hrs) for the 7th lap by 7 minutes and I was 3:62 out of 7th place and 1:66 out of 9th the flat tire may have cost me a few spots... but that's racing.

Brett and Ernesto were 10 and 7 minutes in front of me, they were running 6th & 7th place in the 12 hour race as of 6:00pm with 4 hours to go. Ernesto had double flatted. Harlan Price, the 2006 US MTB100 Ultra series winner was camped next to us was running in 2nd place. In the end, Harlan won the 12 hour, Brett got 5th place and Ernesto got 7th place.

Despite being bummed about the flat tire, I went into the race to gauge my fitness. I was shooting for a top ten finish and I just made it. In analyzing the results of the 12 hour race at the 6 lap mark, I would have been in 8th place in the 12 hour race, 7 minutes back from 7th place, and 14 minutes in front of 9th place...but that's easier said then done, I don't think my body could have taken the pounding the course was dishing out for another 6 hours. So all is well, it felt great to be back in the saddle and racing again after such a long time off. Raced my new Specialized S-Works hardtail was FLAWLESS!

Lap times can be viewed here 6 hours of Razorback

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