Monday, February 19, 2007

Florida Trip - Day 1 & 2

The Tornado

Arrived in Deland Florida on Thursday night and stayed at Connie's aunt and uncles house, unknown to us as we drove in the dark, the tornado that ripped through Lady Lake Florida also made a pass 8 houses from where Connie's aunt and uncle live, and they slept through the freak'n thing! My bike arrived Friday morning (more on that later) and I took a spin around the local roads Saturday morning, hoping to find some trail to ride but I did not realize the damage that had devasted the area. It damn near made me sick to my stomach to witness the damage firsthand. I rode past FEMA disaster assistance tents and through security checkpoints, chatting with several police officers along the way, they where trying to prevent looting and giving those a chance to clean up. The debre was endlessly stacked up next to the road waiting for trucks to hull it away to the dump. I saw a trampoline and pieces of roofs hanging from the tops of trees. It was unbelievable, I eventually turned around, my eyes could only take so much.

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