Monday, March 19, 2007

Last week

Got in a great group ride last sunday. Gary, Brett, Brian, Jeff, Ross, Dustin, Mike & Steve. Alot of good conversation and catching up. Dispite the reputation of everyone, this was no hammerfest. The ride was kept in check for whatever reason. Auggie tried to suck eveyone in a couple of times, but he must have submitted to the group. I ended up with slightly more then 5 hours. The forecasters lied never got above 35 degrees. Oh out for black ice and cars. We had a scarry close call when one of us lost it on the ice and almost went under a car!

Tuesday saw a spike in the weather for 2 days. It hit near 70 degrees and it was actually sunny. Connie & I meet up after work at the bike and hike and took Landon for his first ride of the year - a 1 hour spin in the burley. Only possible due to the new day light savings thing - Thank you! We managed to dodge the melting snow and ice, the trail was was 90% dry...spring has got to be on the way. Back to reality- cold, wet and grey skies. We're hovering at that 30 degrees point that creates a rain snow slop mix and alot of unhappy cyclists.

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