Monday, March 26, 2007

“Today was a good day” – 125 miles in the saddle

After race cool down.

I drove down to the race with my teammate Dustin. As anyone with kids knows…if you have the opportunity to ride…seize it. Connie was at a conference and Landon was at her parent’s house. So I was kinda planning on riding back to Medina pending the weather and how I felt after the race. After waiting around a bit for the cat 1-3 class to finish, I looked at the skies and decided it was not going to rain on my parade today, so I stocked up on the hammer stuff and water and began the 78 mile ride back to Medina. The one thing I didn’t think about until Dustin was long gone, was daylight hours. I don’t think I left Mid Ohio til 3:15-3:30ish. I don’t remember, but I knew sundown was at 7:45 so that gave me 4 hours to get home safely. Doing the math meant holding a 20mph pace. I turned up the mp3 player to block out the hum of the wind and entered into my 4 hour tempo workout. The bike responded and I worked on a lot of things. Mainly my new pedal stroke. I was amazed at how well everything was flowing. When I felt weakness in the legs it was because I was reverting back to my old pedal stroke. A mental note to adjust my stoke and the pain was gone, speed and tempo increased and all was good! The wind was coming out of the west at a pretty steady rate, the forecast said 14mph and I’d have to agree. The ride north was the most grueling part, constant wind beating the right side of my body, with guest giving me a good battle every now and then. It got cloudy dark several times but only drizzled. Once I turned and headed east, it was Nirvana (An ideal condition of rest, harmony, stability and joy) The wind at my back up’d my speed to 25mph for a good 1 hour. Then the sun came out and brought a renewed warmth and bliss that took me once again to a very happy place. As the sun was setting, I was entering Chatham and did not think I would make it. I stopped and called Connie to tell her my progress and she might have to pick me up, but she was still at her Parents. It was up to me to get home. I pulled in my driveway at 7:45. Total ride time of 4 hours. I spent 13 minutes looking at maps, eating, mixing my drink, and trying to get cell phone reception.

All in All it made for a 125 mile day. 6 miles warming up for race, 40 mile race, 78 miles home. It was the first time I average 20mph by myself on a ride day over 100 miles. Ice Cube’s song kept creeping into my heading….”Today was a good day!”

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