Monday, June 04, 2007

Sitting one out

I knew this was going to be a rough week. Connie finally pushed me out the door and on my bike this weekend. She knew it was time based on my level of non-riding grumpiness and my limping and gimping around the house had deminished. This weekend was the Mohican 100 (stop number 2 for the National Ultra Endurance Mountain Bike Series) I should stay away from reading all the blogs about the race - it makes me even more bummed I decided not to race. I’m still trying to convince myself it was the right decision. So what’s up with sir lazziness?

First off….did not realize how long it’s been since my last post. No racing action to report. Been prepping for the Mohican 100 which was this past weekend, including quite a few visits to the Mohican trail system and was feeling really good about it, but all my prep was for not.

Since the Cohutta 100

Week #17 – 8 hours training (recovery week)
Week #18 - 12 hours training - starting riding down at Mohican
Week #19 - 18 hours training - rode Mohican Forest both ways – 50 miles total. Have the 25 miles of single-track wired, feeling ready for the Mohican 100.
Week # 20 - 2 hours of training - this was supposed to be my 20+ hour week. Pulled/strained both hamstrings working in the yard, did not know it happened until the next morning. Way strange. I’m guessing they were super tight (as usual) and jamming the shovel into mother earth ripped/stained em good. It was tough to stand up and walk the first couple of days. Tried to ride the bike on Friday, did ok for 1st ½ hour but then after 10 minute tempo hamstrings said no way.
Week # 21 - 2 hours of training - Allergies came out of nowhere this year and have been a huge drag, have zero energy and want to sleep, a cup of coffee seems heavy to lift. Fatigue level is strange – best to describe it as Flu like systems with out the nasty of the flu. Combined with the strained hamstrings, I’m bumming but getting stuff done around the house.
Week # 22 - 8 hours of training - rode Tuesday with Connie at Reagan Park. Connie kept me in check, hamstrings felt good. Still unable to stretch them without any great deal of pain. Wednesday hit the trainer and increased intensity and was able to get 1 ½ hour.
Week #23 – We’ll see what happens. I’m gaining my flexibility back. Hamstrings are still tight but does not hurt to ride anymore. Rode to work this morning. Medina to Akron is about 23 miles one way. Takes about 1 ½ hours. So that gives me 50 miles and 3 hours in the saddle each day and saves me about 10 bucks in gas in day.

The good news – time off the bike equals muscle recovery and a lot of free time - been able to finish up a lot of stuff around the house that training hampers. Got the new kitchen floor totally finished, new windows installed, raised garden put in and 10 yards of mulch and 4 ½ tons of stone thrown around with the help of friends and family.

Next stop, the Lumberjack 100 in upper Michigan in two weeks.

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