Wednesday, July 04, 2007

32nd Annual Medina Twin Sizzler Road Race

Medina Twin Sizzler road race.

On the bike commute to work this morning I couldn’t help be replay the Twin Sizzler race in my head a couple of times. It was ours for the taking and with a little more road experience we might have been on top of things a little more, but do I really care, dunno…it was a road race…Leadville is 36 days away! It is what it is, a training race…I’ll take 5th place.

Typical road race from the start, a few accelerations to catch faux breaks. Before we knew it we were at Kennard Rd hill. This little hill always hurts more then it should, very deceiving. As usual this is where the pack gets splintered, last year a small group got away and stayed away so I wanted to be up front. The attack went off as scripted, about 10 guys got off in front of me but I slowly started picking em off and before I knew it I was second behind the AF racer then went right past him. Did not expect this at all but it was a happy revelation that my hill climbing has improved, and with the 1 hour climbs of Colorado looming I feel very comfortable. What to do now?... my HR was maxed, I’m out front…do I break and hope a small group forms…probably… but did not have it, I settled back and waited, a group formed, the pack was cut in half and nothing exciting to report on the remaining15 mile journey into town…until the final sprint of course.

As we approached the final 2 miles into town, the road complexion changes dramatically as we enter the industrial side of town, beat up and broken concrete, huge cracks and holes that try to claim the $5000 race bikes, $1000.00 wheel sets, and limbs and bones of the racers themselves.  Would be nice to eliminate Smith Rd until they fix it but must be more complex issue than we think.  I worked my way up front, but then got caught behind some cashed out riders on one of the hard accelerations into town, with guys flying by me on my left side and slippery slow Joe in front of me I had no option but to hop into the nasty cut up broken concrete to the right and try to float my way to the front….it kinda worked, as I got towards the front another big attack hit and 2 guys got away, I was 4th or 5th making the hard left turn over the rail tracks. Then I expect the guy next to me to swing wide to take the hard right into the final 400 yard sprint into town but this jacko stays tight and blocks me into a tight turn towards the inner curb. Feeling a tad perplexed I did not want to bump with this guy and did not know what was happening behind me so I grabbed a some brake at the worst possible time. Everyone else was carrying there speed into the turn, not me…I had to mash down on the pedals and get back up to speed then continue the effort for another 300 yards. Ouch, that sucked to watch those 2-3 riders get away but it is what it is. We mass sprinted for 3-6th place. Preliminary results are me and Brett Davis stroking over the finish line in 5 and 6 position.

Should I have yelled at that dud, been more aggressive into the turn and forced him to grab brake….dunno. The thoughts and replays kept floating into my head as I watched the sun try to poke through the overcast sky this morning. Overall I’m satisfied, over the years I’ve gone from being dropped by the expert group, to hanging, to snagging a top five…so it’s all good. Bring on the dirt, rocks and the thin air at 12,000 feet.

I did not stop my computer at race end, but for what I can gather; our average speed was 26.5 mph on this 27 mile course. On the final sprint I hit over 1000 watts. I’ll try to peal off some more data from the power meter tonight, its all new to me.

Afterwards, about 30 racers and their families attending our Reload Breakfast feast at casa de Daums. It was a good day!

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