Tuesday, July 10, 2007


100 mile century ride in under 5 hours, average speed of 20 mph.

We’ve been doing these centuries for quite some time now, it’s not a race, but an organized ride where you follow routes of painted arrows on the road and have the option to stop at rest areas full of food and beverages. This ride was called the ABC ride “Absolutely Beautiful Country” ride, rather flat but a lot of rollers and a few small hills. Every year we get stronger and faster, the last couple of times we’ve averaged 17-19 mph and we would think lets push for 20mph next time but it never happened. With the crew that showed up this year I knew it would be possible. Brett, Ross, Bob, Jason, Juan, Ken and Ray. I’ll spare the boring details but mission accomplished. We finished 100 miles in under 5 hours with an average rolling speed slightly over 20mph. The ride served its purpose; it was absolutely a great training ride.

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