Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Leadville 100 training

It's all in the bank now. Not much more training I can do to prepare for the Leadville 100. I might do the 6 hours of power this weekend along with the training Euro Hill race in Hinckley Thursday evening but thats about it. The last 10 days were my last hard cycle in training, I managed 450 miles of saddle time the last 10 days. So now I sit back and let my body recover, rest and rebuild for the Leadville showdown. Bring it on!

I'm aiming for a sub 8:30 finish which should put me top 50 but secretly I'm looking to pull out a sub 8 performance. The huge variable is the thin, thin, air and long sustained climbs of Leadville. If my lungs can find the little o2 and convert all should be good! If not I'll just sit in and enjoy the ride and soak up all the goodness that is the Leadville 100.

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John Satory said...

Tomorrow's the day Kevin! Kick some A$$ for me out there. Be safe and have a great race!!! -John