Thursday, September 13, 2007

Landon's First Podium

Landon's been long anticipating his first bike race and what not a better venue then the Big Valley Race Bike 'n' Tikes Kids Festival. Landon lined up with the other mini-mites (2-3yr olds) and was eager to get things rolling. He was counting down and inching forward before the start gun went off. Landon and I talked before the race and decided not to go out too strong and save it for the end of the race. So the flag dropped and the kids went off, Landon, Emily and 2 others must have been listening to our strategy as they stayed back a little also. Landon hasn't got the pedaling thing down yet so I pushed him the entire way while he steered his bike like a drunk'n sailer. We rode and ran down the course and the finish line was in sight, we stepped it up and just as it looked like a sixth place finish for us someone fell and Landon pushed on and crossed the finish line in 5th place. He got his first trophy and was so proud he took it to school on Tuesday to show his friends. He are a few photos for Landon's proud day!

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