Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reagan Park Time Trial - 4th Place

Finally home court advantage. After traveling to Florida, Tennessee, Michigan and Colorado to race this year it was nice to be able to leave my house on my bike and ride 3 miles over to the local trails to enter a local race. The 3rd Annual Reagan Park Time Trail was Sunday and consists of a blend of old school and new school trail design. Tight, curvy and technical is the first half of the trail verses open, free flowing contour line CAMBA designed trails of the last 3 miles of the course. The best overall skilled rider would win this race…and that would be none other then my Solon team mate Steve Twinning who set a blistering pace at 33:46 minutes. I went off in the 10th starting position and decided to take the first half slow and smooth. That lasted about 10 seconds when I decided to stomp on the pedals a bit, but after the first small hill I felt the lactic acid build up a bit so I backed off and went back to the original game plan of easy the first half and then stepping up the pace on the wide open trail at the finish. The tactic seemed to work decent as I felt good the entire race and was able to maintain a good tempo. I came across the finish line at 35:56 which was good for 4th place. Jeff Cochran took 2nd place at 35:27 and my team mate Ross Clark finished 3rd at 35:30. The Solon Team almost took a sweep of the podium with 1st, 3rd, 4th & Bob Rodgers roll'n in at 5th place. Dustin, Jason, Mike & Larry did a great job running the event. From a rider perspective everything looked well organized the trail was in outstanding shape!

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