Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday morning at the Vulture's Knob

Started GPS'n the courses for the new website this morning. Met up with Mr. Groovy for a bit, always good conversations with Rody. First out the prologue course, then the cross course, then went out and mapped the "mellow yellow" course with all the bypasses. Ground was frozen and riding was great. Finally went out and mapped the "red is rad" course with all the so called advanced obstacles. By that time the course was beginning to thaw in spots...made for tougher riding via soft trails on sore legs from hard training week but gave me a good chance to put the belt drive through its paces...worked flawless and cut right though the chain suck...not much more to say, will be nice to try out in a race some time next year.

Changed clothes and went over to the quarry where I meet up with my Dad, his brother, my brother Craig and my sisters boyfriend to shoot off 1000 rounds. We had a couple hand guns and 22's. It was a good time.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike race

Dear Kevin Daum,

Thank you from the Leadville Trail 100!  sucka!

Entry is in for 2010.  Motivation is sub 8:30 time split & beat my personal best of 8:48 set in 2005. (Lance beat it by 2 flipp'n hours) Bring it on...

Here's the game plan as I have unfiinished business.  I could not locate prior results on the new LT100 website so this is all I could gather from my notes.  This is my motivation.

time splits

Sub 8 goals/splits

Sub 8:30 goals/splits

2007 Actual Times

2005 Actual Times

2004 Actual Time


2007 Actual

2005 Actual

2004 Actual

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New website for 331

The race promotion game never ends. Been working with sponsors ever since the season ended. Last two weeks been trying to get the new race website polished and off the ground.| |  Been waking up at 5:00am, coffee & food...then on the trainer for 1-2 hours of good focused interval training, been focusing on increasing the wattage and everything seems to be going according to plan. Last time I seriously trained was 2 years ago, as of this winter my baseline wattage numbers are up.  don't know how..must have been the deep seated rest...what else could it have been.  Back to the website...check it out...the hidden entry can be found here   I owe a huge thanks to guys at for helping me pull this together as the backbone of the site will enable countless opportunities moving forward.    Its not released the masses yet, so let me know if you stumble across any errors or typos and let me know what you think.   Check out the new logo for the Findley time trial.  Still working on pulling together the details on the westbranch enduro.  On a side note...time flies... not sure i can pull off the urban assault mtbr race in downtown Akron due to to much happening this year, I need help to pull it together so if anyone is interested in helping heading this up let me know.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vultures Knob phase 2 - update 3

Arch Bridge is coming along, taking a ton of time to drill and bolt the railings, the hold back is not having a generator (yet), our battery supply is only lasting a couple of hours each day.  The last item is to trim the posts and then plywood the sides... and then waterproof the whole bridge... I'm guessing we'll have to wait til summer to waterproof, or can we waterproof wet wood, dunno?

We have 4 new cross country trails flagged and ready to go.  We'll have a trail day next Sunday December 6th to knock them out.  Lets meet at the quarry area at 9:00am if your itching to build.

video of a very primitive rough cut DH line was shot today by Jake...can be seen here... 

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Vulture's Knob phase 2 - slopestyle beginnings

The shaping and sculpting has begun.  Give the dirt a little bit of lov'n and spanking and it gives back.
Dustin and I continued on the bridge supports this saturday, bolting in the railings and such.  Sunday... Mike, Jay, and Rick met up with others and began laying out the slopestyle course.
video someone shot of the beginnings

Thursday, November 19, 2009

2010 NEO Race date preview

Been sitting on the 2010 dates for a month or so...  dates are looking pretty solid...but waiting to see if there is any overlap with other event organizers before we give the final stamp of approval.

I create this calender to help plan each season and do my best not to overlap dates, especially big Regional events.  Disclaimer...This early in the game the dates are definitely subject to change...Disclaimer

Click here for the  - Calendar  forward to 2010 months -  Our dates are pretty solid -  The OMBC /NUES dates are purely based on 2009, I'll update this Calender once final schedule gets published.

VKnob series will be 5 races for 2010.

NEO Power Series will be 5 races.  #1 - Start at Findley State park with a time trail.  #2 - Big Valley Race at Camp Manatoc.  #3 - Enduro race at Westbranch (slightly longer then traditional XC race)  #4 -Medina for Time Trial number two. #5 - We'll finish off the Power Series at Vulture's Knob with Oktoberfest/Halloween race / bonfire and good times!  (still working on downtown Akron urban short track race - stay tuned)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Vultures Knob phase 2 - update

ictures don't quite give you the scale, but think smooth and think big.  Rick cut the backbone of the freeride, downhill course this past week that he and PhatJay have been laying out.  Next phase will be refinement with a bobcat, then final tweeking with bikes and hand tools.

The XC course will be seeing some changes, the drop into the bowl (upper powerline) is gone, instead a new rocky section has been located and cut in on the ridge line, it will take a couple days to get it done but the Team Soupcan showed up in force and helped cut the corridor of the new trail which will overlook the new freeride area.  A decent size bridge will have to be made, or alot of rocks...we'll figure it out.  The speed of the upper bowl will be missed, some will shed tears, other will whine and complain, but give it a chance, this is only year 2 of the Vulture's Knob rehab.

We also flagged out some new XC trail above junkyard hill and another section near ant town.  We'll announce some trail days in the near future.  If your itching to lend a hand, shoot me an email or reply and I'll let you know when we are down there... until then, enjoy!

"click on photo for more detail"

118 mile ride to Columbus

Saturday, 65 degrees middle of November...who'd thunk it?  Today was good.  Cavs won, Buckeyes won, the Medina Soccer team won the state championship and I got in a 118 mile road ride.  Instead of wasting 2 hours in the car driving to Columbus Crew Soccer Stadium to the watch the state championship match I decide to see where my fitness stood.  I have not ridden much the last 2 years but planning to jump back in next year with another attack at Leadville and various other races.  So set off to see how 100 miles would feel this early in the comeback training.  Choose a great route, thru seville to route 3 into Wooster then hopped on 95 thru Mohican State Forest / Butler onto Fredericktown (got lost for a few minutes) to Sparta Rd to 65 to Cleveland to Hudson to Crew Stadium... low traffic, (until Columbus) good clean roads and great scenery.  The only bummer was the wind which was in my face the entire way, I was shooting for a 20mph pace but ended up with 17avg.  not bad considering i could not hear the music through my headphones due to the constant low grade wind and had no pace line to hide behind.  Ride took me 7 hours, I arrived to game 20 minutes late, but just in time to enter the stadium and witness the first goal of the match which put us up 1-0 at half.  The second half Medina found the net 3 more times to win the State Championship 4-0.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Red Flannel Ride

First long ride in over 2 years, 65 miles or so.

Juan wrote it up on his blog if your interested

Vulture's Knob phase 2

Race season over...time to get back at the trail...the transformation continues.  This was the house as it stood winter of 2008.  Bart from Paradise Mulch began the demo.  The house came down and Dustin spent all summer picking wood to use.  We used the old siding to side the outhouse.  Then race season came and the pile of wreckage sat all summer long...quite the eyesore...but we had plans...sorta. 

Fast forward to yesterday.  Rick is an old school mtbr from the day when I originally started Mt biking...Rick and Porter had incredible trails out towards Bath, Hinckley area.  Rick stopped biking but showed up to the last Vknob race last year and was jazzed about the happenings and wanted to lend a hand.  In fact, he was so jazzed he pulled out his old bike John Tomac personally gave him and proceeded to race the Reagan Time trial and he plans on racing more this coming year.  He has expert dozer experience and quickly dug a small hole and dropped the house into and covered her up.  Then proceeded to clean up the brush around the trees.  This will be a nice park like setting for camping, parking, maybe the kids playground that I've been drilled for not having.

The final project...a little grading and some grass seed in the spring and you'll never know a house once stood there.

Finally had some time to work on the podium, carved in the 2 and the 3.  Will paint it up in spring when the temps warm up.

built up/cut up a bunch of ladders for the new elevated section of we build the frames and nail these ladders down....coming soon?

Monday, Jason met with Alber excavation guys along with Rick and the downhill, dual solemn, free ride area started to become a reality.  After today the foundation of the run should be in place with berms, jumps and start area.

We are working on a new website...more to come later.

Catching up

Where to start... 2010 race schedule set, 10 races total.  Sponsors are renewing which is great.  Vulture's Knob phase 2 has began.  Back on the bike, wattage numbers up 30watts compared to last test I did 3 years ago, not bad for not riding much last 2 years as I focused on other projects.  Looking to go back to Leadville this year and do a few other endurance races.  I'll post a few posts on each item in the next couple of days.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back in the saddle

So I finally started riding again, Connie has the summer off and I don't have to take Landon to school in the morning so that gives me the opportunity to ride to work. Its about 23 miles each way, 50 minutes of road and 30 minutes of towpath. Its a great low traffic route down Bath Rd into the path which leads all the way into downtown Akron. 3 decent hills into and outta the valley each way. Been averaging 2 days a week the last 3 weeks due to all the rain and my low fitness level, but uping to 4-5 days this week if my weak body and strong mind can handle it, so that will give me 200 miles in the saddle and will help in regaining my lost fitness. Got over the hump last week and instead of feeling whooped when done now I feel great and energized. The best part about commute is I usually spend 1 hour a day in the car driving, now I can turn that hour into a good workout while the family is sleeping and also get my afterwork training in on the way home, a much better use of time while minimizing time away the family and saving cash on gas! This morning I was cruising in a good tempo zone when I spotted a blue heron, he jumped up and flew right next to me for a good 1/2 was a cool feeling.

This is the route from an Iphone app I've been messing with.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Charity Ride - Marching Miles

Landon and I had the opportunity to participate in the Marching Miles fund raiser for the local Children's Hospital's hosted by our local area credit union's.  They were having a tough time finding volunteers to fill portions of the walk from Columbus to Cleveland, about 10 miles a day.  They mentioned I could bike it if I wanted, you don't have to ask me twice.  Landon skipped school Thursday and we had an epic journey together on the Sippo Valley Trail in Dalton.  Then I went back out Monday morning a chugged out another leg of the fund raiser on the CVNP towpath trail in an absolute downpour that lasted the entire morning.  We met up with the RV at the end of the ride and passed on the marching battalion from the Summit Chapter to the Cleveland Chapter.  The local credit union's have raised over $80,000.00 so far.

Dang it felt good to get back on a bike! I've been having goodtimes building trail and getting things aligned down at Vulture's Knob that I forgot how it felt to hammer out 20 miles, I did not even the feel the rain and cold as it was just me, my bike, and good ole mother nature.  This was what I needed to kick start riding again.  Now I just need to figure out how to find the time.

Here is a segment of a write up from the website. 

The uncertainly of weather loomed, the rain stayed north and south as the clouds parted and we stayed dry as we decided to grab the bikes for the trek from Dalton to Massillon.  This day was made much more exciting by having the addition of the youngest marcher/rider, Landon Daum, the 4 year old son of Kevin Daum .  We started off from Dalton about 11:30, planning to reach Massillon and eventually Massillon Area Credit Union by 12:30.  FirstEnergy Credit Union CEO Tim Baker joined in on the trek.  However, little Landon had a different time schedule and he wanted to ride, walk, then run, then ride again. He wanted to stop at a few of the 50 bridges we crossed and look for sharks and whales.  We came to one bridge that was burnt down and Landon suggested we swing across on a vine.  It was great having Landon and he is also one of the many success stories of Akron Children's hospital as he was rushed there one year after his birth with a serious infection that wa treated with the upmost care, expertise and professionalism.

Check out Landon's new BMX jersey.  He is a member of a new BMX team the Mike J put together that helps promote youth BMX riding and has several professional racers to mentor the kids.  Mike just found a mini race bike for Landon so our first race will be coming soon with dad running along side the entire time.  I can't wait!

Landon giving the thumbs up on the Sippo Valley trail

Final Vultures Knob trophies

These were custom designed sterling silver for series champion and bronze for runner up.  Jen Green's custom design headbadges.  I'm leaning towards giving these as the year end awards every year from here on out? Let me know what you think.

Friday, April 17, 2009

VKnob addition to the family

What do you get when 1 local custom frame builder leaves his purebred Miniture Austrailian Shepard alone with an Austrailian Blue Heeler aka the Knob local....The perfect trail dog to run alongside with our german shepard high jumping frisbee mix Titan.  This batch of pups has traits that should be mid-sized, highly intellectual and very active.  We'll see but so far very true.  When I first saw these dogs I knew one would be coming home with us.  Landon and Connie choose "good ole blue eyes" of the bunch.  We've had him for two weeks, and from the instint he came home he is been a welcome addition to the family.  He is virtually housebroken which is quite impressive in such a short period ot time.  Landon named him "Lighting"

Lighting's first day, Landan tries to cheer up little Light'n who was kinda missing his brothers and sisters.

Landon jumping around at the first sight of spring and rare Ohio sunshine on a blue sky day.

Vulture Knob - mock up award

Been tossing ideas around in my head for the Vulture's Knob 2008 series awards ever since it ended last year.  Massive amounts of ideas have been kicked around in my head and amongst the VKnob Crew.  For the longest time I've dug Jen Green's "Revolution Cycle Jewelry" custom work so I contacted her and she designed custom headbages for the top 2 in each class.  They turned out a tad smaller then I imaged, but I'm a 6'-4" rider and my headtube is huge, amongst other things.  I just received the finished product and I'm stoked on the way they turned out.  Now try to figure out a way to mount them inorder to present them to the winner and the first loser.  I decided on sterling silver for the champion, and bronze for the runner-up.  I hope they are received well,  if so I plan on making them every year for the series winners. 

Here is photo of one of the mock ups.  To see the finished product come out to the race tomorrow.  To take one home just win the series...easy...right!

I'll post photos of the finished product after the race.  Let me know what you think.