Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another day at the Vulture's Knob

Alot of projects got wrapped up on Saturday.  Things are starting to look good.  We went out for a spin after busting out all day working and was suprised to find 97% of the trail dry and ripp'n.  Its still March!  We are going to try to drop more large stone into the few wet spots that don't have drainage options or redesign to a higher line.  Other then a small punch list of trail polishing projects before the first XC race on April 18, the biggest project left is taking the old house down.  We've been trying to stay green by pulling wood and material from that old house, but the pile of broken house don't look pretty...stay calm, we hope to have that cleared in a couple of months.

Shawns Teeter - the beginings to a new DH / Freeride line.

MC Flow - carving out the freshness
one of many banked turns to come...can you say "improved flow"?
new water station for the XC racers
another water station
Testing the banner placement of the new finish line, this should make set up and tear down on race day alot easier.  We placed hooks in all the poles to enable quick banner placement.  No more thankless pounding of poles to setup raceday.

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Anonymous said...

That's Freeride Shawn, buddy! :op
I've been down there alot as of late, that spot is going to have like 4 to 5 lins to choose from! Right now we have 3.5 lines there.