Monday, March 23, 2009

Vulture's Knob Update 3-22-09

A few more happenings at the Knob from this past weekend.  
The scoring shoot is taking shape.
Thanks again for those that have lent a hand with the trailwork! 

Drainage system for the water that comes from the pavalion. 

The berm is getting its finishing touch

The entry into the new shoot.


Josh said...

Hey, is vulture's knob open? or is it still being worked on?

Kevin Daum said...

OPEN! Simply be on the lookout for a few projects still in the works. Don't forget to sign in at the pavilion and please make a donation to help us with supply costs. THANKS Oh Ya...Please tread lightly-if it rains give it a couple days to dry out...we've been working hard to fix damaged spots but still have alot of work to be done.