Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vulture's Knob

Givin back a little lov'n to the venue that got me into mountain biking.  All winter long the VKnob Crew has been kicking ideas and now that the snow is gone and while we still have line of sight before everything greens in - the goodness of trail building has begun.  Here's a preview of new happenings at the the Knob.

The new armoured switch back which eliminites the billy goat hill climb, sad to see the goat gone but nifty stuff is in the works for that area.  What's that that a bridge over the rock tunnel?
The XC course will go under this bridge twice.

The new arch bridge will carry the freeride crew over the XC course, no more interference...NICE

The look off the drop onto the arch and over the XC course

The new finish line is taking shape.  No more crazy maze like finish.

The new finish trail will take you behind the pavillion twice.

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