Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Charity Ride - Marching Miles

Landon and I had the opportunity to participate in the Marching Miles fund raiser for the local Children's Hospital's hosted by our local area credit union's.  They were having a tough time finding volunteers to fill portions of the walk from Columbus to Cleveland, about 10 miles a day.  They mentioned I could bike it if I wanted, you don't have to ask me twice.  Landon skipped school Thursday and we had an epic journey together on the Sippo Valley Trail in Dalton.  Then I went back out Monday morning a chugged out another leg of the fund raiser on the CVNP towpath trail in an absolute downpour that lasted the entire morning.  We met up with the RV at the end of the ride and passed on the marching battalion from the Summit Chapter to the Cleveland Chapter.  The local credit union's have raised over $80,000.00 so far.

Dang it felt good to get back on a bike! I've been having goodtimes building trail and getting things aligned down at Vulture's Knob that I forgot how it felt to hammer out 20 miles, I did not even the feel the rain and cold as it was just me, my bike, and good ole mother nature.  This was what I needed to kick start riding again.  Now I just need to figure out how to find the time.

Here is a segment of a write up from the website. 

The uncertainly of weather loomed, the rain stayed north and south as the clouds parted and we stayed dry as we decided to grab the bikes for the trek from Dalton to Massillon.  This day was made much more exciting by having the addition of the youngest marcher/rider, Landon Daum, the 4 year old son of Kevin Daum .  We started off from Dalton about 11:30, planning to reach Massillon and eventually Massillon Area Credit Union by 12:30.  FirstEnergy Credit Union CEO Tim Baker joined in on the trek.  However, little Landon had a different time schedule and he wanted to ride, walk, then run, then ride again. He wanted to stop at a few of the 50 bridges we crossed and look for sharks and whales.  We came to one bridge that was burnt down and Landon suggested we swing across on a vine.  It was great having Landon and he is also one of the many success stories of Akron Children's hospital as he was rushed there one year after his birth with a serious infection that wa treated with the upmost care, expertise and professionalism.

Check out Landon's new BMX jersey.  He is a member of a new BMX team the Mike J put together that helps promote youth BMX riding and has several professional racers to mentor the kids.  Mike just found a mini race bike for Landon so our first race will be coming soon with dad running along side the entire time.  I can't wait!

Landon giving the thumbs up on the Sippo Valley trail

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