Friday, April 17, 2009

VKnob addition to the family

What do you get when 1 local custom frame builder leaves his purebred Miniture Austrailian Shepard alone with an Austrailian Blue Heeler aka the Knob local....The perfect trail dog to run alongside with our german shepard high jumping frisbee mix Titan.  This batch of pups has traits that should be mid-sized, highly intellectual and very active.  We'll see but so far very true.  When I first saw these dogs I knew one would be coming home with us.  Landon and Connie choose "good ole blue eyes" of the bunch.  We've had him for two weeks, and from the instint he came home he is been a welcome addition to the family.  He is virtually housebroken which is quite impressive in such a short period ot time.  Landon named him "Lighting"

Lighting's first day, Landan tries to cheer up little Light'n who was kinda missing his brothers and sisters.

Landon jumping around at the first sight of spring and rare Ohio sunshine on a blue sky day.

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