Friday, April 17, 2009

Vulture Knob - mock up award

Been tossing ideas around in my head for the Vulture's Knob 2008 series awards ever since it ended last year.  Massive amounts of ideas have been kicked around in my head and amongst the VKnob Crew.  For the longest time I've dug Jen Green's "Revolution Cycle Jewelry" custom work so I contacted her and she designed custom headbages for the top 2 in each class.  They turned out a tad smaller then I imaged, but I'm a 6'-4" rider and my headtube is huge, amongst other things.  I just received the finished product and I'm stoked on the way they turned out.  Now try to figure out a way to mount them inorder to present them to the winner and the first loser.  I decided on sterling silver for the champion, and bronze for the runner-up.  I hope they are received well,  if so I plan on making them every year for the series winners. 

Here is photo of one of the mock ups.  To see the finished product come out to the race tomorrow.  To take one home just win the series...easy...right!

I'll post photos of the finished product after the race.  Let me know what you think.

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