Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back in the saddle

So I finally started riding again, Connie has the summer off and I don't have to take Landon to school in the morning so that gives me the opportunity to ride to work. Its about 23 miles each way, 50 minutes of road and 30 minutes of towpath. Its a great low traffic route down Bath Rd into the path which leads all the way into downtown Akron. 3 decent hills into and outta the valley each way. Been averaging 2 days a week the last 3 weeks due to all the rain and my low fitness level, but uping to 4-5 days this week if my weak body and strong mind can handle it, so that will give me 200 miles in the saddle and will help in regaining my lost fitness. Got over the hump last week and instead of feeling whooped when done now I feel great and energized. The best part about commute is I usually spend 1 hour a day in the car driving, now I can turn that hour into a good workout while the family is sleeping and also get my afterwork training in on the way home, a much better use of time while minimizing time away the family and saving cash on gas! This morning I was cruising in a good tempo zone when I spotted a blue heron, he jumped up and flew right next to me for a good 1/2 mile...it was a cool feeling.

This is the route from an Iphone app I've been messing with.