Thursday, November 19, 2009

2010 NEO Race date preview

Been sitting on the 2010 dates for a month or so...  dates are looking pretty solid...but waiting to see if there is any overlap with other event organizers before we give the final stamp of approval.

I create this calender to help plan each season and do my best not to overlap dates, especially big Regional events.  Disclaimer...This early in the game the dates are definitely subject to change...Disclaimer

Click here for the  - Calendar  forward to 2010 months -  Our dates are pretty solid -  The OMBC /NUES dates are purely based on 2009, I'll update this Calender once final schedule gets published.

VKnob series will be 5 races for 2010.

NEO Power Series will be 5 races.  #1 - Start at Findley State park with a time trail.  #2 - Big Valley Race at Camp Manatoc.  #3 - Enduro race at Westbranch (slightly longer then traditional XC race)  #4 -Medina for Time Trial number two. #5 - We'll finish off the Power Series at Vulture's Knob with Oktoberfest/Halloween race / bonfire and good times!  (still working on downtown Akron urban short track race - stay tuned)

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