Sunday, November 29, 2009

Vultures Knob phase 2 - update 3

Arch Bridge is coming along, taking a ton of time to drill and bolt the railings, the hold back is not having a generator (yet), our battery supply is only lasting a couple of hours each day.  The last item is to trim the posts and then plywood the sides... and then waterproof the whole bridge... I'm guessing we'll have to wait til summer to waterproof, or can we waterproof wet wood, dunno?

We have 4 new cross country trails flagged and ready to go.  We'll have a trail day next Sunday December 6th to knock them out.  Lets meet at the quarry area at 9:00am if your itching to build.

video of a very primitive rough cut DH line was shot today by Jake...can be seen here... 

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