Sunday, November 15, 2009

Vultures Knob phase 2 - update

ictures don't quite give you the scale, but think smooth and think big.  Rick cut the backbone of the freeride, downhill course this past week that he and PhatJay have been laying out.  Next phase will be refinement with a bobcat, then final tweeking with bikes and hand tools.

The XC course will be seeing some changes, the drop into the bowl (upper powerline) is gone, instead a new rocky section has been located and cut in on the ridge line, it will take a couple days to get it done but the Team Soupcan showed up in force and helped cut the corridor of the new trail which will overlook the new freeride area.  A decent size bridge will have to be made, or alot of rocks...we'll figure it out.  The speed of the upper bowl will be missed, some will shed tears, other will whine and complain, but give it a chance, this is only year 2 of the Vulture's Knob rehab.

We also flagged out some new XC trail above junkyard hill and another section near ant town.  We'll announce some trail days in the near future.  If your itching to lend a hand, shoot me an email or reply and I'll let you know when we are down there... until then, enjoy!

"click on photo for more detail"


Experthasbeen said...

Nice work on the Knob. I keep checking the CAMBA site for trail days but never see them listed. I always want to help but need advance warning due to my work schedule. Is there a central location where these dates are posted?

Thanks, Cary W

Kevin Daum said...

We're planning on trail days after thanksgiving. I'll work on finalizing the dates. Its just been random last minute work days due to the great weather we've had. Dustin and I will be working on the new arch bride (freeride course over rock tunnel) this Saturday morning, putting up railings. There is new trail marked off, one section got a good start last weekend. If you have any suggestions on new layouts or fixing up some stuff that doesn't flow let it be heard and we'll attack it. We are working on a new website and hope to keep everyone better updated once we go live with it. Probably some time in January.