Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vulture's Knob phase 2

Race season over...time to get back at the trail...the transformation continues.  This was the house as it stood winter of 2008.  Bart from Paradise Mulch began the demo.  The house came down and Dustin spent all summer picking wood to use.  We used the old siding to side the outhouse.  Then race season came and the pile of wreckage sat all summer long...quite the eyesore...but we had plans...sorta. 

Fast forward to yesterday.  Rick is an old school mtbr from the day when I originally started Mt biking...Rick and Porter had incredible trails out towards Bath, Hinckley area.  Rick stopped biking but showed up to the last Vknob race last year and was jazzed about the happenings and wanted to lend a hand.  In fact, he was so jazzed he pulled out his old bike John Tomac personally gave him and proceeded to race the Reagan Time trial and he plans on racing more this coming year.  He has expert dozer experience and quickly dug a small hole and dropped the house into and covered her up.  Then proceeded to clean up the brush around the trees.  This will be a nice park like setting for camping, parking, maybe the kids playground that I've been drilled for not having.

The final project...a little grading and some grass seed in the spring and you'll never know a house once stood there.

Finally had some time to work on the podium, carved in the 2 and the 3.  Will paint it up in spring when the temps warm up.

built up/cut up a bunch of ladders for the new elevated section of we build the frames and nail these ladders down....coming soon?

Monday, Jason met with Alber excavation guys along with Rick and the downhill, dual solemn, free ride area started to become a reality.  After today the foundation of the run should be in place with berms, jumps and start area.

We are working on a new website...more to come later.

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