Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday morning at the Vulture's Knob

Started GPS'n the courses for the new website this morning. Met up with Mr. Groovy for a bit, always good conversations with Rody. First out the prologue course, then the cross course, then went out and mapped the "mellow yellow" course with all the bypasses. Ground was frozen and riding was great. Finally went out and mapped the "red is rad" course with all the so called advanced obstacles. By that time the course was beginning to thaw in spots...made for tougher riding via soft trails on sore legs from hard training week but gave me a good chance to put the belt drive through its paces...worked flawless and cut right though the chain suck...not much more to say, will be nice to try out in a race some time next year.

Changed clothes and went over to the quarry where I meet up with my Dad, his brother, my brother Craig and my sisters boyfriend to shoot off 1000 rounds. We had a couple hand guns and 22's. It was a good time.

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Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

those king hubs look sweet on your groovy!

can't wait to ride at the knob this year. looking for cross info too:

email at original237525 (at) aim (dot) com

thanks and see ya around

robert sroka