Saturday, January 16, 2010

Geared up or geek'd up?

An article in this year's VeloNews Buyer's Guide outlined the time savings by implementing various aerodynamic equipment options.  The results were based on a 40k TT being covered in 48min (about 50km/hr or 31+mph).  While the time savings would be greater the longer it takes you to cover the 40k, the time savings would not be linear since effort to increase speed rises exponentially.  In other words, if it took you twice as long to cover the 40k, you would not necessarily realize double the time savings since you would be more than halving the amount of wind resistance you create to go 15.5mph versus 31mph.  Hope this makes sense.

 In any case, the results are quite surprising.....

> Shoe Covers ($30) save 30sec over regular shoes
> Skin suit ($250) saves 134sec over standard bibs/jersey
> Aero helmet ($165) saves 67sec over regular bike helmet
> Aero front wheel (up to $1000) saves 42sec over spoked training wheel
> Aero rear wheel (up to $1500) saves 29sec over spoked training wheel
> Aero bike (up to $12,000) saves 17sec over round tube TT bike

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